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Simple yet sophisticated scents that satisfy the nose and complement the wearer.

Perfumery, as the art of perfume-making is called, is an ancient craft. It dates back as far as 5000 years. Over time, perfume production has been perfected.
What began as a means to mask unwanted odors has evolved into a way for an individual to enhance their personal magnetism. Perfume is personality and helps express your individual style with a signature in scent. When Axel and Max Stürken began thinking about a fragrance series to harmonise with their LEGENDÄR brand, they agreed that it should be consistent with the brand’s values – “Simple. To the point.”They placed their trust in the nose of English perfumer Lyn Harris, who understood and shared their vision.
She has mastered the craft of mingling aromas and bringing their complexity to a point of clarity. Thus, LEGENDÄR Scents was born – fragrances of character that would become classics of their time. Simple yet sophisticated scents. Fragrances that arouse desire without being overpowering and intrinsically appeal to both men and women. Natural, yet intoxicating.