Legendär Brass Ballpoint Pen


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The heavyweight legend among ballpoint pens.

This sturdy 35 gram ballpoint pen is carved (milled) from a single piece of solid brass using CNC technology. The polished surface features a temporary non-tarnishing finish. The finish gradually disappears after a few days of use, but can also be buffed away with a soft cloth.


Includes one Schmidt Jumbo Refill P900 M in black. The pen is compatible for use with all Schmidt P900 refills or with refills for the Parker G2.


The refill is extended with the simple spring-loaded twist mechanism. Replacement of the Schmidt Jumbo Refill P900 is done by unscrewing the grooved cap at the top of the pen.

Legendär (Legendary) Brass Ballpoint Pen

Additional information

Why Brass?

Over time brass develops a unique patina, changing colour and texture as it ages. It creates the look of an item that could be decades old, and with a quick polish can be brought back to like new. Brass is a extremely strong material and ideal for pens due to its antimicrobial qualities.


REFILL: SCHMIDT P900 or Parker G2
INK: Black
MATERIALS: Solid Brass